We house a team of web engineers, technology experts and IT support professionals to keep your business operating smoothly and successfully with a range of unique tools at your fingertips.
In today's fast moving business landscape, having the most cutting-edge systems and processes in place enables businesses to achieve greater efficiencies and profitability while automating routine customer relations and accounting tasks.
Our technology team are continually honing our own in-house complete business platform and adding to its already vast array of real estate industry specific experience, unique cloud-based tools and analytical abilities. This system allows you to easily manage team performance insights and business-related goals, enhance profit through data-driven analysis, foster leads and communicate with your contact database and much more.
Our aim is to technologically enable our clients’ real estate network to help them succeed in a fast-paced market. Developed over many decades, our platforms and support services provide a complete solution for the management of real estate offices, properties and contacts.
Our complete business platform enables real estate professionals to easily manage leads, customers and properties. Organise your open homes, broadcast directly to your contact list, and manage the users within your business. Additional functionality not normally provided by CRMs include a dashboard to manage office profitability and sales, team performance tracking, and managing sales trusts.
Every business needs a website and your brand will have access to a corporate site plus individual office and agent pages to showcase your listings and generate appraisal leads. What’s more, all property, agent and office details are fed directly from our system so there is no duplication.
Everyone will require support with technology at some stage, so we provide a central point for IT support. This includes connecting to our platforms, managing user emails, connecting to real estate portals, and general helpdesk enquiries. Our IT support team are based in Australia and are able to respond to your enquiry within business hours in addition to a 24/7 emergency hotline.