Our marketing department ensure that the brands we look after benefit from our association with high profile media partners.
Our diverse group of professionals are experts in the field and constantly stay abreast of the latest in industry innovations and technological advancements. With skills in strategy, product and digital marketing, graphic design and more; you can rest assured knowing you have a team of marketers working tirelessly to increase the exposure and recognition of your chosen franchise.
Being part of a global network of real estate professionals means you have access to in-depth market knowledge and consumer insight allowing you to make the right future decisions for your business. The Australasian marketing team maintain a close bond with our USA counterparts to enable greater opportunity for our franchise members in the worldwide community.
With a background in real estate, our dynamic Graphic Designer knows just what it means to be on the front-line of the industry and is able to effectively tailor marketing collateral with greater insight. Most notably, he championed the recent Century 21 Global Rebrand single-handedly whilst simultaneously creating the identity suite for Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate.
Our online resource hub means you always have at your fingertips the tools and materials necessary to meet and exceed the expectations of every client. Enabling your business to run efficiently so that your team can focus on the dollar-productive tasks means having a range of documents and guides at your disposal and our resource hub is your one-stop-shop for this and more.
In a world where your digital presence directly defines your reach, our brands benefit from the skills of an expert in-house digital marketing and social media team. With a core focus on growth, our team leverages the association we have with leading national media partners as well as the global recognition our brands enjoy to attract more business at the local level.